Jumping In

Jumping In

Firstly, a HUGE thank you for taking the time to read this. You all touch my heart so much <3

I've been encouraged to write a blog for sometime now, to keep our wonderful Equinox readers informed about what's new. What we're up to. What's growing. What's cooking.

So here it is. My premiere attempt. They say "just start writing!" I think the hardest part though is being disciplined to write if not every day, often. I loved writing in school and even after for a few years. But then, I'm not sure why I lost interest or just stopped. However, I find notes all over the place. Notebooks too. So many notebooks. With quotes I heard or read. With thoughts. Feelings. So I guess I didn't stop. I write all the social media posts. I haven't stopped writing.

My intention is to let you know what's new in our botanical boutique. New plants, new products. Especially those I'm super excited about. I'd like to write about how the garden is doing. As always I hope to inspire you to plant, to grow, to be in nature even a tiny bit more than before. I hope to awaken your creativity with cooking, providing recipes.

Photos? Maybe share some photos? Especially of our adorable PlantShop puppy Satchmo. He loves you all too. Dang! I wish he could help write. Now wouldn't that be fun?

And as always, I LOVE hearing about what inspires YOU. I love learning from you too!

I hope your summer has been absolutely splendid for you and your family and continues to bring you joy.


Much love,

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