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In addition to your being wowed by all our indoor plants, a visit to Equinox wouldn’t be complete without browsing our collection of carefully selected products. We think you’ll be surprised and delighted at what we offer, from the very finest in facial and body products to candles and much, much more. At Equinox, we take special pride in offering only the most reputable, healthy, eco-friendly, highest-quality products. Treat yourself or someone you love.

Eminence Skin Care Products



We’re big believers in the superior quality of Eminence, the healthiest and most effective skin care products you can find, and that’s why we use them in our therapies. We’re proud to add that in Kenosha, Eminence products can be found only at Equinox.





Gretta's Goat's Milk

We can’t say enough about Gretta’s Goat’s Milk Soap. In a nutshell, it’s for people who are looking for products that are made nearby, that exclude artificial colors and synthetic fragrances, and that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Gretta’s Goat Milk Soap is safe and gentle for children and people with the most sensitive skin. And the available scents? Divine. 







SunLeaf Naturals

Our offerings from SunLeaf use only pure, plant-derived ingredients. Scents are fresh and authentic, using only 100% essential oil scents — never any synthetics or manufactured fragrances. Natural and fresh is how we’d describe our offerings from SunLeaf.



Sunbeam Candles

We’re crazy about Sunbeam beeswax candles. Not just for the natural, honey-like fragrances, but also because of their transformative, air-cleansing qualities. And beeswax is sustainable and renewable. We think you’re going to love these.







Local pottery



We’re happy to be offering various pots and pottery items from local artists. We also have a beautiful new Italian collection. Come and see what we have! 









Plant Parent Club

If you have a plant lover in your life and are searching for the perfect gift for them (or yourself ) a Plant Parent Club membership is just what you're looking for. Come in once a month for twelve months to receive a hand selected plant. Each plant will be custom selected based on light availability, pets and level of plant knowledge. Each plant will be in it's original pot.  In addition to the plants, receive an extra 10% off plant purchases for one year. ( This offer is non-refundable) The membership card is valid for one year from first month used. Discount on other plants can not be combined with other discounts or promotions. Equinox is not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged or unauthorized PlantParent use.