Wellness root to leaf

For those of you who know Equinox, you’re familiar with what we built our reputation on during our first 20 years: the care of your body and soul through the health and wellness benefits of organic massage, holistic facials, and products to support your healthy well-being. To all of you, please know that you are family to us, and always will be.

Most recently, in the past year or so, we have evolved into our boutique’s natural extension, given our passion for wellness and all things growing: Equinox botanical boutique, where we celebrate the rejuvenation that comes from indoor plants, gardening, growing herbs and vegetables, and healthy eating from your own harvest.

After you explore our website to learn more about our offerings, we invite you to check in often on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where you’ll see the latest about new plants and products, many of them one-of-a-kind and in limited quantities. You’ll also get a great sense of the daily excitement and fun we’re having with this growing, close-knit, plant-loving community, and you may even picture yourself as a new “plant parent.” We’d love to make that happen for you, just as we have for so many others.

We can’t wait to have you join us in our new adventure and have some fun with us on this grand new journey. See you soon!

Maria Caravati
Founder and Owner
Equinox botanical boutique

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From indoor plants to herbs and tomatoes, we must say we’re very proud of the selection we’ve put together. We have hard-to-find gems and a few old favorites, all of them just waiting for your home and garden.

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Our passion for nature...


There’s something about getting your hands into soil at a very young age, as Maria Caravati (aka ZinniaMaria) did. Not to make mud pies, as you might think, but to work with her father in his beloved garden. Despite his too-early passing, the legacy and passion took firm root with Maria.

Ever since, her fingers have been deep in the dirt and soil. When she bought her current home, her first task was to remove virtually the entire lawn, front and back, in order to plant vegetable, herb and flower gardens everywhere. Permaculture is an ingrained philosophy in her: grow your own, learn how to cook the best and most nutritious meals from your garden, and surround yourself with beauty, indoors and out. And, of course, to do our growing in harmony and respect for all living creatures, including wildlife and insects.

As a massage therapist as well for the past two decades, it’s clear Maria’s passions are feeling both skin and the soil beneath her fingers. She lives for both, and perhaps above all else loves sharing what she has learned: restoring your good health, and nurturing your passion for gardening.

We Think Green!

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism has designated Equinox – The Body & Soul Boutique a member of its Travel Green Wisconsin™ program. Travel Green Wisconsin is a voluntary, affordable certification that reviews, certifies, and recognizes tourism businesses that have made a commitment to continuously improve their operations in order to reduce their environmental impact. To qualify for certification, the business must earn a minimum of 35 points as defined under their Basic Requirements. Equinox earned a total of 49 points as it has initiated numerous “green” practices into their business.

Equinox has been certified as a GREEN SPA with their Eminence Skin Care line. Every time an Eminence Skin Care active organic or Biodynamic product is purchased, a portion of the proceeds is put towards planting a tree to help clean our air. Thanks to Equinox, nearly 4,000 trees through the “Forests for the Future” program have been planted since November 2012. Equinox has taken further efforts to go “green” by replacing all paper towel in their washrooms with hand towels. Also, Equinox adds essential oils to their drinking water to increase the release of toxins so the water keeps longer and there is no need to dispose of it daily.

Equinox has been highlighted for its exceptional environmental performance and efforts to educate the community about sustainability. It joins these Kenosha Area businesses that are already Travel Green certified: Kenosha Public Museum, Civil War Museum, Dinosaur Discovery Museum, Kenosha Area Transit, Richard Bong State Recreation Area, and the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau’s two Visitor Information Centers.

Travel Green Wisconsin™ was the first of its kind in the nation and serves as a model to promote environmentally-friendly practices in the tourism industry. The program is unique for its inclusion of all tourism-related businesses and organizations including but not limited to attractions, events, accommodations, outfitters, restaurants, retail, visitor centers and more.