There’s something deeply satisfying about caring for things that grow, indoors or out, whether you’ve had a life-long love for it or are just starting. From indoor plants to herbs and tomatoes, we must say we’re very proud of the selection we’ve put together. We have hard-to-find gems and a few old favorites, all of them just waiting for your home and garden. And to round out the experience, don’t forget to check out the workshops we offer to help you on your way.

Indoor Plants

The EPA tells us that that we spend way too much time indoors and, believe it or not, our indoor air can contain more pollution than outdoor air. Ugh. So let’s spend more time outdoors. But let’s also recognize the huge benefits of indoor plants: they’re not just decorations. They improve our indoor air quality, helping rid it of toxins and chemicals. They make us healthier. And, we hardly need to say, happier.

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You would expect that our name, Equinox Botanical Boutique, would suggest herbs and more herbs. You would be right! We’re thrilled that we’re able to offer a wider selection of herbs than nearly any place you’ll find locally, including some very difficult-to-find ones. Of course we also carry the ones you reach for every time you prepare a meal. Your own herb garden (we will have a workshop for that!) helps enrich both your eating experience (flavor!) and health (a wonderfully fresh source of natural vitamins). Added bonus: the joy of growing your own, and maybe even showing it off

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Tomato Plants

It’s just possible that our tomatoes are our real pride and joy. For years, we at Equinox have been growing the best of many varieties of heirloom tomatoes in our own gardens. That means selecting what we would offer at Equinox would be a labor of true love. And it has been. Many of our tomatoes won’t be found anywhere but here, and, well, we’re ok with that. You will be too. Browse our list, and then pop in for a visit to see for yourself.

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Vegetable Plants

Tomatoes aren't our only love! At Equinox we adore all vegetables and are proud to carry a wide variety for your garden. Peppers, celery and eggplants (Oh my!) As well as others. We carry tried and true favorites and soon to be favorites!

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