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Ruby Green - Large

Brilliant beefsteak neon-green flesh with strong, sweet, and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes averaging 12-16 oz. This family heirloom from Germany is beautiful. Indeterminate, open-pollinated

(80 days) Heirloom


Pineapple Bicolor - Very large

Very large, up to 2 lbs each. The yellow fruit has red marbling throughout the flesh and is one of the most beautiful tomatoes. The flavor is very sweet and fruity; good yields! Cut in half, it looks like the interior of a pineapple except with yellow and red marbling. It doesn’t taste like a pineapple, though, nor like a typical red tomato, either. Its unique mild low-acid fruity sweetness needs a fruit name all its own. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (80-85 days) Heirloom


Pantano Romanesco - Medium-Large

Rare Roman heirloom tomato said to have been grown in former marshes in Rome, Italy. Tomatoes are deep red and scalloped with meaty interiors bursting with wonderful, rich tomato flavor. Expect a great production from these vigorous plants, with plenty of delicious 8- to 12-ounce fruit. A great sauce tomato. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (80-85 days) Heirloom


True Black Brandywine - Large

Good yields of 1 lb., purple/black tomatoes. This fine potato-leaf variety is a controlled cross between Brandywine and the original brown Beefsteak tomato, otherwise known as ‘Fejee Improved,’, which is now probably extinct. Scintillating, full, earthy flavor with less watery juice than other Brandywines. Extra-large, deeply purple-black fruit is superior for fresh uses and cooking in a myriad of dishes. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (80-90 days) Heirloom

Cour di Bue - Medium

This wonderful, Oxheart-type heirloom has been a favorite in Italy for many years. Beautiful, 12-oz, heart-shaped fruit has a delicious sweet taste. Great for fresh eating or cooking. Large vigorous vines. One of the best tasting tomatoes, these have perfect flavor! Hard to find and so beautiful looking. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (70 days) Heirloom


Cherokee Green - Medium

Yet another wonderful variation of Cherokee Purple, this one features green-fleshed fruit blushed with amber at the blossom end. Medium to large, 8 to 12 oz. tomatoes have a remarkable flavor that is complex and delicious in the way that Cherokee Purple and Cherokee Chocolate are. Combined with great productivity and a good measure of disease tolerance, Cherokee Green offers luscious tomatoes considered by many as the best tasting green-colored fruits. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (75 days) Heirloom


Purple Russian - Elongated Plum

Delicious 4-inch elongated fruits are purplish brown and have a delicious smoky flavor. Vines are wispy leaved and perhaps 4 feet tall. They produce until frost! You can expect your first ripened fruits around 80 days after transplant. Really good salsa tomato. Perfect for drying, sauce and slicing in salads too! Indeterminate, open-pollinated (70 days) Heirloom


Black Icicle - Paste

Looks like a Roma, tastes like a beefsteak. The Black Icicle Tomato has a sweet, rich, deep earthy taste you’d expect from a dark heirloom, but it comes in a long, smooth package. Home gardeners and chefs love it. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (85 days) Heirloom

Pink Icicle - Paste

Very delicious, bright pink fruit are shaped like a dazzling pink icicle. The flavor is very sweet and rich, being one of the best tasting pink paste types we’ve tried. Perfect for salsas and preserving, but also one of our favorites last season to eat fresh out of hand right in the garden. This variety was an incredible producer, and even though it has a small amount of seeds per fruit, we were still able to get a large crop of seeds due to its productiveness. Developed in the former Soviet Union, this is truly a masterpiece of tomato breeding. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (80-85 days) Heirloom

Lucky Tiger - Elongated Cherry

Elongated 2” fruit comes in stunning, jewel-toned shades of green and red, with hints of gold. This tomato gets top marks for flavor: tangy, sweet and complex with tropical notes and balanced acidity. Perfect for salsas, jams, jellies, drying for flakes and powder and tons more, there is no better way to have it than freshly picked! High producing vines are six feet tall and bushy. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (70 days)

Orange Banana - Paste

No wonder Banana has become a staple of David Shipman’s famous tomato sauces. Its sprightly sweet flavor, reminiscent of Sun Gold but with more depth and diverse tones, makes an ambrosial sauce by itself and adds a vivid fruity complexity to any sauce with other tomato varieties. Erica Myers-Russo in CT grows it exclusively for drying. She claims it “makes the sweetest dried tomatoes ever.” Attractive cylindrical orange fruits 3–4" long average 4–5 oz. Susceptible to blossom-end rot. Open-Pollinated, Indeterminate (85 days) Heirloom


Jersey Devil - Paste

An extremely prolific, paste-type heirloom shaped like a banana pepper. Pendulant fruits grow to about 5 to 6" and are very juicy, meaty and have few seeds. Very flavorful and excellent used in sauces and salsas. Shape is identical to Kenosha Paste. Open - Pollinated, Indeterminate (90 days) Heirloom

Kenosha Paste

Original seeds given to my family from lovely Italian friends who came from the central province of Sarnano, Region Le Marche, where they had been grown for over 80 years. First offered in the Seed Savers 2009 Yearbook by Curzio Caravati of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Regular leaf plant with wispy foliage produces medium-sized, elongated, red fruits that are meaty but moderately juicy, with delicious flavors. The fruit is prone to blossom-end rot, but still I wouldn’t have a garden without growing these wonderful tomatoes. Open - Pollinated, Indeterminate (90 days) Heirloom

Green Doctors Frosted - Cherry

Low acid, sweet and delicious, and much better than Green Grape in trials. There are two strains of Doctors; this frosted one is the sweeter of the two. Fruits green with a silver frost, blush gold when ripe. Named in honor of the two doctors, Amy Goldman and Carolyn Male, who have written influential books on tomato varieties. Oval fruits ¾" wide and 1¼" long average 11.2g, wonderful additions to a cherry tomato mix. Makes great salsa verde; just add lime. Large 5' rambling plants are prolific producers and resisted EB all season. Open - pollinated Indeterminate (80 days) Heirloom

SunGold - Cherry

Hybrid Sungold’s rich-tasting, juicy cherries are borne on long trusses for season’s- long harvests of exceptional quality, superb orange color and the sweetest tomato flavor. Harvest them in baskets to show off on the kitchen counter for “bet you can’t just eat just one” snacks of eye- catching beauty. Indeterminate Sungold vines are vigorous, early to bear, crack- resistant and resistant to Fusarium, Verticillium, and TMV. They will be your favorite fresh from the garden treat. (60 days) Hybrid

Black Sea Man - Potable

A hardy Russian heirloom that looks odd but is delicious. Rich, tangy tomato flavor in medium-sized, 4 to 8 oz. fruits with brown-black skins and pink shoulders. Fruits are slightly plum-shaped, revealing skeleton-like veins when blanched and peeled. Short, potato leaf plants. Plant early for best results. Will produce larger fruit if planted in garden bed. Suggested pot size is 12”-14”. Determinate, open-pollinated (75 days) Heirloom

Hahms Gelbe Topftomate - Dwarf

German dwarf variety that grows like gangbusters in an 8-12” pot. Produces an abundance of golden cherry-size fruit on ornate, rugose foliage. Determinate, open-pollinated (60-65 days) Heirloom

Red Robin - Dwarf

At home, in even the tightest containers (as small as 8 inches), the most minimally sized garden can produce a delicious crop of fresh cherry tomatoes. The juicy, tasty, 1 to 1 1/2-inch round, red fruit are set in clusters by the fistful. Determinate, open-pollinated (70 days) Heirloom

Cuore di Bue

This wonderful, Oxheart-type heirloom has been a favorite in Italy for many years. Beautiful, 12-oz, heart-shaped fruit has a delicious sweet taste. Great for fresh eating or cooking. Large vigorous vines. One of the best tasting tomatoes, these have perfect flavor! Hard to find and so beautiful looking. Indeterminate, open-pollinated (70 days) Heirloom